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Pool Care FAQs - Clear View Pools Expert Answers Clear View Pool Services

Pool Care FAQs - Clear View Pools Expert Answers Clear View Pool Services

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It depends on its size, its shape and other possible circumstances, all pools are not the same, but one of 8 x 4 m would be rehabilitated in a few days.

When the pool smells of chlorine, we should suspect that something is wrong. Pool owners or the people in charge of their maintenance should be clear that the smell of chlorine is not synonymous with cleanliness, quite the contrary, this chemical product should be imperceptible if it is present. Well dosed.

In general, when a pool smells of chlorine, it is obviously due to the fact that it has combined with organic matter present in the pool water and is not disinfecting. It is what is known as chloramines. This combination is harmful and causes eye and skin irritations and can even cause cancer since it is considered carcinogenic. Therefore, we must solve the problem as soon as possible.

The first thing would be to make sure that the pH level is adequate (between 7.2 and 7.6). Then, we must analyze the free and combined chlorine levels in great detail and consequently apply the appropriate treatment. If you are not sure how to do all this, do not hesitate to contact professionals. Clear View Pool has been providing its pool maintenance services for decades.

A frequent problem in swimming pools is the appearance of algae, which changes the color of the water to an unpleasant light or dark green. Algae can also appear visibly or make the bottom or walls slippery in localized areas, such as stairs, corners, or similar.

When algae appear, it is convenient to first adjust the pH level to 7 with the appropriate chemical product. We must brush the visible algae, or where we notice a slippery surface, we will apply a shock treatment with your usual disinfectant. As long as the coating is not made of PVC or liners, we can apply granulated chlorine directly.

Optionally we can use flocculant to obtain better results, and later we must make sure to wash the filter well to avoid the proliferation of bacteria or the return of algae to the pool.
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