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Commercial - Clear View Pool Services Clear View Pool Services

Commercial - Clear View Pool Services Clear View Pool Services

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Commercial Pool Example Maintenance Checklist For HOA Pools, Community Pools, Hotels, etc.

Complete Pool Maintenance for Safety

1. Initial Compliance Overview and Water Diagnostic Testing
2. Plan to become compliant if deficiencies are noted
3. Daily Chemical Testing 6 days a week (M, T, W, Th, F, Sat)
4. Daily entries in Pool Log Book of Chemical Readings (Post in Pump Room)
5. Pool and Spa Cleaning 3 days a week minimum, every day if necessary
6. Chemical Balancing of Pool and Spa Water
7. Maintenance of proper water levels
8. Appropriate Backwashing and Cleaning of Skimmers and Filters
9. Maintenance of Filters, Chlorinators and other equipment
10. Cleaning and Organizing Pump Room/Area
11. Ensuring Proper Storage of Pool Chemicals
12. Cleaning of Decks and Tile
13. Trash Removal from Pool Area
14. Annual Evaluation of Pool Equipment
15. Annual Evaluation of Overall Water Chemistry Balance
16. Ensure Compliance with State and Federal Codes
17. Deliver samples to Health Department for each body of water